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Do you need to go "under the knife" for any reason? Are you anticipating an extended or short-term hospital visit? Do you feel uncertain, overwhelmed, or ill-prepared? If so, you will need this complete ‘survival kit’ to prepare for surgery, your hospital stay, and recuperation at home.

Surgery - How To Rehearse Before You See The Nurse is a comprehensive guide written from the patient's perspective. It is designed to help you through one of the most challenging journeys you can experience - SURGERY. The witty title, courtesy of comedian Jackie Mason, illustrates the style of the book - “a good-humored approach to a potentially harrowing experience.

Rosann Argenti PBS celebrity/Tai Chi Master Instructor offers "Enrichment Series"

Tai Chi Master Instructor Rosann Argenti has appeared on her co-production of the internationally acclaimed Television Series "Tai Chi INNERWAVE". She is a trained social worker, licensed massage therapist, continuing education provider for healthcare practitioners, keynote speaker, and seminar instructor.. Having undergone surgery herself, Rosann gives you a first hand, personal and practical perspective.


“I am much impressed with what you have accomplished. You are to be congratulated for helping out others who have anxiety while facing surgery. Keep up the excellent work. If ever I see a need for your services, I will contact you immediately.”

Theodore I. Steinman, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School; Senior Physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center & Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA; Past Chairman of the PKD Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee; Member of the PKD Foundation’s Board of Trustees

"Surgery - How To Rehearse Before You See The Nurse is accurate, up-to-date, entertaining and informative.

I heartily recommend it as useful reading for patients, families and health care workers."
Gilbert Rosenberg, MD, FRCPC, FACP, Professor Emeritus of Medicine of Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

"I found this informative book and the Tai Chi DVD to be my saving grace to prepare for my surgery. In the hospital, the bed exercises, aromatherapy and massage helped me through difficult times.

I have incorporated the relaxation breathing techniques and invigorating Tai Chi exercises into my daily life."
Rae Combs, Seattle, WA

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